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Keeping your account safe is our highest priority.
Build a stable foundation for your personal market finances with accounts that will help you manage and save money. We are continuously updating and upgrading our tools to ensure your account is protected. Here’s how you can help safeguard your information: Secure your network
Install current anti-virus software and keep it updated.
Do not click on unexpected links in emails or run unknown attachments.
Install a firewall on your internet connection.

Protect your accounts Set up alerts. Our online banking system will send email alerts for any transaction.When you monitor these alerts and call the bank if there is an unauthorized. transaction, we can block the transaction before any money changes hands. Set daily limits on transactions to reduce your exposure. Any attempt to go past a limit will generate a call from us.

Keep your password and user ID private. Do not share your information with anyone. Know that we will never call and ask you for your password or user ID over the phone. Check your online balances regularly. We recommend twice a day.
Investment products and services are offered through Sweddex Advisors. Sweddex Advisors is a trade name used by Sweddex Clearing Services, LLC (WFCS) and Sweddex Advisors Financial Network, LLC, Members SIPC, separate registered broker-dealers and non-bank affiliates of Sweddex & Company.

Sweddex announces material financial information to investors and the public using press releases, SEC filings, this website, public conference calls and webcasts. In addition, Sweddex uses social media to communicate with its clients, customers and the public about the company and its services. It is possible that the information Sweddex posts on social media could be deemed material. Therefore, Sweddex encourages investors, the media, and others interested in the company to review the information posted on Sweddex's Twitter Feed, Sweddex Blog and Sweddex's YouTube Page. These sources are subject to change and will be updated here accordingly.
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